Effectiveness of advertising, Dynamic advertising, DOOH, Research & Insight


DOOH, in other words, digital out-of-home advertising offers advertisers a wide range of incredible opportunities in this era of modern marketing and attention economy. Consumers are spending considerable amounts of time on social media, which means that..


Campaign optimisation

We invest in numerous data sources to help us understand exactly which audiences are engaging with our sites and when. Through careful analysis, we provide our customers with increasingly better opportunities to reach the desired target group in the right place, at the right time and with the right message.


Audiences and environments

At Clear Channel we strive to understand exactly how our audiences behave, think and feel in each and every one of our environments. Detailed understanding of these different environments helps us to customise your campaign to ensure maximum advertising impact.


Media channels

Clear Channel offers a diverse range of OOH advertising sites, each capable of achieving very different campaign objectives. Keeping the three key objectives of outdoor advertising in mind – “ReachFame and Activate” – we seek to understand the strengths of our advertising sites and how they work most effectively together with other media.