Built reputation with long-term visibility


The airport’s unique advertising environment is a good fit for both short-term campaigns and long-term brand building. It offers unparalleled channels to internationalisation, purchasing power and interesting target groups.

Long-term brand building campaigns are reasonable and effective at the airport, which makes it an exceptional advertising environment. A campaign at the airport will have a long-lasting impact on an audience that changes practically every day. Extending the campaign time brings a relatively wider audience to the campaign than in other media environments, and longer visibility guarantees a higher level of frequency for the campaign.

A high turnover rate makes the airport a very efficient environment for reaching consumers. There are nearly 22 million visitors annually and monthly figures will also make your head spin: in January 2020, for example, 1.6 million1 passengers visited the airport!



What makes a brand famous? And what is the best way to convey this image? To answer these questions, we hired a research company that utilises a wide variety of methods (Cog Research, 2016) to find out what characteristics are associated with famous brands.

As a result of the survey, we drew up the following definition:“A famous brand is strong, premium and iconic. The brand is very visible, and people talk about it and feel that it is creative.” After this, we wanted to find out what would be the best way to convey this image. A test indicated that consumers favour brands that they saw advertised on the largest outdoor advertising surfaces.

Attributes related to fame were associated with these brands more often than the comparison group. In other words, they were seen as more creative, spoken about, visible, high-quality, powerful and iconic. The result was similar in all the studied product categories. The survey showed that brands that advertise on impressive premium surfaces look good, have a bigger impact and get more attention. In addition, well-known and iconic brands are basically expected to be featured on these impressive advertising surfaces.

The airport has a lot of uniqueand impressive advertising surfaces, which makes it a very fitting advertising environment for building reputation.


The airport’s customers have excellent purchasing power. Target groups emphasised at the airport include the following: highly educated, high-income employees and employees in decision-making and leading positions. Finnish air passengers are more interested than average in culture, fashion, beauty care and personal development, they are more likely to make investments, own their home and have insurance².

High-income Finns are also emphasized at the airport:

16% of airport visitors earn EUR 50,001–100,000.
The income level emphasis is approximately 1.5 times when compared with the entire population.¹

2% of airport visitors earn over EUR 100,000.
The income level emphasis is approximately two times when compared with the entire population.²


The airport is an excellent choice when you want to reach consumers from around Finland or have an international impact by utilising only one advertising environment. Although many of our other networks also reach Finns nation-wide, the airport is a unique environment. As such, the use of airport solutions should be considered as a stand-alone solution and as part of other campaigns.


1. Finavia, Passenger volumes per airport February 2020
2. Clear Channel Airport Audience Survey 2018 (Taloustutkimus)